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The Werkwand set in scene

Working, presenting, visualizing

Divide spaces with the Neuland Werkwand®

Working together with the Neuland Werkwand®

Surfaces in whiteboard and chalkboard

Create flexible spaces


The Neuland Werkwand®

The Neuland Werkwand® is a new, innovative work, presentation and visualization tool. Through its use processes can be made more effective. Work walls promote all common facilitation processes and group work with varied settings. Workshop participants create their own multivariable experimental spaces.

They automatically take markers and chalk, move the portable work walls and build spaces for creative work and playfully share results and enable knowledge transfer.

Diverse environment

The Neuland Werkwand® – a statement for design-conscious companies that set up work and study spaces according to sophisticated design concepts. Organizers of meetings or educational institutions create value with the use of the Neuland Werkwand®.

It is suitable for open-space events and coworking spaces, sales rooms, museums and galleries, and can even be used as a creative room divider in open-plan offices.

Diverse use

The Neuland Werkwand® – for anyone who wants to develop new ideas and approaches in a creative and concentrated way within a group. It is perfect for teaching knowledge and encourages communication in a varied learning environment. Perspective changes are possible in no time.

Writing and visualizing as a haptic experience! The Neuland Werkwand® consciously relies on analog work and creates balance in our fast digital time. Architects, trainers, facilitators or coaches appreciate this.


Awarded with the German Design Award 2016. The German Design Award is the international premium price of the design board. The award honors high-quality products and projects in the field “Product- and Communication design” as well as design personalities.

Design: Dipl. Des. Axel Baumhöfner
Project development: Lion and Fishes

Create experience spaces

Create ambience

Die Neuland Werkwand® is a real eye-catcher! Made of high quality materials, it is extremely durable, precious and elegant. It is not just work equipment, but can remain in the room as a representative object after meetings or group work.

The patented and functional design creates an appreciative and educational ambience.

Create spaces

Twelve curved work walls make a full circle of five meters in diameter with an opening of one meter width. Any floor plan can be set up from the curved and rectilinear work walls. It enables special space constellations with maximum flexible dialog situations.

This creates different learning spaces that are more varied, work-promoting and less tiring.

Anatomy of the Neuland Werkwand®


Vacuum-glued, laminated panels,
covered with magnetic and writable laminate. Optional as Whiteboard and/or Chalkboard.

Die-cast aluminum, black powdercoated. Handle bars made of steel in the same color, powdercoated.

High-quality, steerable and lockable
wheels suitable for all floors.

Flush-mounted magnets make it easy
to combine multiple Werkwand boards.


Two surfaces – many applications
The surfaces of the wall come in two versions: Whiteboard white or chalkboard anthracite matt.

Choose the following combinations:

  • Whiteboard – both sides
  • Chalkboard – both sides
  • Whiteboard/ Chalkboard

All panels are magnetic.

For Architects and planers
We are happy to provide you with CAD data. Contact us!


Neuland Werkwand®

Overall size: W 130 x H 195 x D 53,5 cm
Panel size: W 120 x H 193 cm
Effective work surface: W 101 x H 179 cm
Weight: approx. 42 kg

Neuland Werkwand® straight

Overall size:
W 120 x H 195 x D 54,5 cm
Panel size: B 120 x H 193 cm
Effective work surface: B 101 x H 179 cm
Weight: approx. 42 kg

Create spaces for your Neuland Werkwand®

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Our promise to you

Made in Germany

The Neuland Werkwand® is manufactured in our own factory in Germany. We use high-quality components from German production. The Neuland Werkwand® is internationally patented.

Environmentally friendly packed and delivered

Every Neuland Werkwand® is delivered pre-assembled in a specially designed transport packaging. Large orders are delivered by company vehicle. We take the packaging material back with us.


I am excited.

We, the _Werkstatt für Unbeschaffbares (_Office for the unobtainable) have been developing concepts of space for more than 20 years, including offices and and workspaces.

We stand for innovative, extraordinary interior design.

The very beautiful, mobile Neuland Werkwand® convinced me immediately. It is in constant use by my customers, so I was able to check quality and handling. I am excited.

Highly recommended.

Angelika Mende

Excellent craftsmanship – a more enjoyable design process.

We were looking for a high-quality, flexible, and unconventional whiteboard solution for internal meetings and customer workshops at the agency, one that could also be used as an elegant room divider in the open-plan section of our office. We found all of this in the Neuland Werkwand®. The Neuland Werkwand® is a valuable tool in the agile process that we use for designing the food packaging of the future, a tool that further enhances the value of our own work – because we like to visualize ideas in advance, both for us and for our customers. The Neuland Werkwand® makes our work process much more enjoyable and creates true added value for our daily lives. (We are strong proponents of analog devices in an increasingly digital world. That’s why we favor objects that retain their value and enable cooperation between people in the here and now.)

Andreas Milk
Executive Partner
MILK Food & Design

We simply love the Neuland Werkwand®!

No doubt! We have been working visually with global companies for over ten years now. I have never seen such cool, beautiful and practical walls. The ones I used to work with were unstable, too heavy, ugly and there for always a compromise. Right now the Neuland Werkwand® is a way of working that looks so smooth when we run workshops for either small groups or even more than 500 people at the same time. Our clients and teams love it.

Patrick van der Pijl
CEO Business Models Inc.

Dialog between history and future

It is always a challenge to prepare our former Benedictine monastery with its history of more than 1000 years for a successful future.
The careful renovation of this cultural monument will be complemented by an innovative interior design. Therefore, our new work walls by Neuland® fit perfectly into this concept – the historic structure is combined with forward-looking furniture in the meeting rooms, creating a creative area for inspiration and communication.

Gerald Schölzel
Executive Director
Kloster Seeon, Kultur- und Bildungszentrum des Bezirks Oberbayern

A successful innovation

The work walls from Neuland® were inspiring at our degefest trade fair days - not only because of thei wide range of possible uses. Quality and workmanship were convincing as well. The speakers used the work walls on stage in plenary, in workshops and even in the exhibition area; in participatory event formats they are a great support. We are looking forward to further application possibilities - also at our members events!
The Neuland Werkwand® is a successful innovation and fits seamlessly into the already proven products of Neuland® - a longtime partner of our association.

Jutta Schneider-Raith
Leitung der Geschäftsstelle
degefest Verband der Kongress- und Seminarwirtschaft e.V. & degefest-Institut GmbH

Hotel industry is the future!

We were the first to buy a Neuland Werkwand®. Our coaches, customers and conference guests work enthusiastically with these new possibilities of presentation.
For a long time we have been a customer of Neuland which designs and produces products for participatory formats. Neuland develops products that enable us to inspire our customers. Conferences become experiences and remain. Creativity, customer proximity, enthusiasm for their own actions, product information and the search for new ways characterize Neuland.

Klaus Michael Schindlmeier
Executive Director 
Palatin Kongresshotel und Kulturzentrum GmbH, Wiesloch

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